Organic bitter orange

Citrus aurantium, is a citrus tree in the Rutaceae family. It is a hybrid between Citrus maxima and Citrus reticulata.
Many varieties of bitter orange are used for their essential oil in perfumes, flavorings, and as medicine.
The fruit is also known by the names bitter orange, bigarade orange, Andalusian orange, Seville orange, cajero orange, and cachorreña orange. It is used as a rootstock for other citrus species.

Available from December to January

It originates from the eastern region of India and adjacent areas in Burma and China. Nowadays, it is cultivated in many tropical and temperate regions worldwide.
The bitter orange from the Mediterranean region is highly valued for making marmalades and preserves. Its taste is bitter, and its juice is very acidic. This variety of orange is often used in cooking for its unique flavor and is well-known for making the famous Bitter Orange Marmalade, which is very delicious.
Bitter orange has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive problems such as nausea, indigestion, or constipation. Other traditional uses for bitter orange include weight loss, appetite suppression, treatment of heart conditions, or cancer prevention. The essential oil of Citrus aurantium is used in food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy.

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