Clemenule organic mandarin

The Clemenule organic mandarin is a large-sized fruit with an orange color, and it contains a high-quality juice. The pulp is tender and melting, without seeds. The taste is truly sweet and pleasant. Clemenule has thin, smooth skin of pale orange color, and it’s easy to peel. It has a high content of vitamin C and an excellent collection of aroma

Available from November to January

Its pulp is melting and of great quality, and the acidity of Clemenule continuously decreases as it ripens and is harvested. Clemenule originated in Nules (province of Castellón) as a spontaneous mutation of the Fina tree in 1953. The preferred variety in plantations in South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, and widely grown and appreciated in our country, is the Clementine Clemenule. The Clemenule variety has given rise to other varieties through spontaneous bud mutations. It continues to be the predominant clementine variety in Spain. Clemenule grows on a vigorously developed tree with an open growth habit, a globular structure, and dense foliage. It is a highly productive tree, surpassing other varieties.

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